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SatCoNet New Packages

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Starting in August 2011, SatCoNet will offer new pricing bundles that will revolutionize how customers choose their video, voice, Data and Internet services. The plans are designed to provide customers the flexibility to pick the services they want and need, from basic to premium.Customers will choose a package according to their needs.

SatCoNet is also adding new entry-level bundles for internet at prices competitive with other carriers.

With this new plan, customers receive more than 30 premium movie channels of Showtime, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, Encore and Starz for one low price. The service also includes a full suite of non-premium digital channels, digital audio programming, premium channel ON DEMAND, and a parental control feature that can block content that parents don't want children to see.

In addition to offering these new services to new subscribers, SatCoNet will shake up the typical industry practice of rate increases by moving many of its current customers to the new bundles, which for many will result in access to new services.Depending on customer choice, some rates will be higher, and others will be lower.

SatCoNet developed this plan to give our customers flexibility and freedom in developing a pricing plan that fits their needs.