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Network and Data Security

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ICT applications and infrastructure today require a high degree of security built into the design as well as into the operation.

SatCoNet ensures that all aspects of security and governance are covered through the implementation of best of breed products and best practices.

Firewall Security
Working with partners for many years, our team of engineers have experience in the deployment and operations of various firewall configurations. Firewalls are a basic security requirement for any company connecting to the internet and today no one can afford to operate without one.

End point Security
End Point security is important in that it protects and keeps safe elements internal to the network, including servers, routers, PCs , notebooks and PDAs. It helps organisations to centrally manage policies for anti-virus and malware protection, as well as for the deployment of measures to protect against the leakage of corporate data through removable devices such as USB sticks.

Password management
SatCoNet can help corporate clients develop a sound strategy for managing privileged password, and for storing them in a secure electronic vault. Your internal systems are as secure as the root and privileged passwords, and the storage and audit trail for their use is an essential element of IT security.

IT Governance Risk and Compliance
With ICT taking a more critical role in the operations of any organisation, it has become essential to ensure that the best endeavours are being made to minimise risk and archive compliance. As compliance requirements become more complex and rigourous it is not possible to continue to manage these through spreadsheets. SatCoNet helps customers deploy market leading tools to facilitate this requirement.