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Systems & Applications

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Business applications deliver the final functionality required by our customers to operate effectively.

We help our clients develop an enterprise wide application strategy, choose the best product and deploy the solution.

Enterprise Information Management

Delivering the right information to the right people on time is a critical factor in the success of any business.

The management of information within organisations has become a very important part of any operation. Different documents, coming from various sources and having levels of confidentiality which depend on their nature, today requires specific tools for their effective management.

Business Process Automation
The efficient operations of a company need to today rely on automating processes and integrating these within the office productivity and communications tools. Using the right products, SatCoNet, will deliver solutions designed on clients requirements. The solutions will help clients automate processes, keep track of operations, and present key internal data as meaningful business information.

Systems Integration
Solutions built to meet business requirements usually entail the integration of a number of products and technologies from different suppliers as well as with systems already deployed. Ensuring that systems can “talk to each other” allows for the proper management of business processes, the common handling of data and company wide business intelligence.